Here is a list of links to the websites of organizations and bodies that share PCIME values and concerns. The list includes sites that support PCIME’s cause, show concern for persecuted Christians, try to improve Jewish-Christian relations and provide useful information. They also offer opportunities for you to get involved!
The websites are in English except as noted. PCIME invites followers to submit suggestions for more links.

At the end of the list, see the links to Items of Permanent Interest.

4il (against BDS)

Academic Engagement Network (of US faculty)

ACOM (Spanish and English)

Advocates for Israel

Aid to the Church in Need

Amcha Initiative

American Center for Law and Justice (and see its Global Partners)

Amitié Judéo-Chrétienne de France (French)
Anglican Friends of Israel
Assyrian International News Agency
Audiatur-Online (German)

Balfour 100

Baptists for Israel

BBC Watch

BDS in the Pews

Breaking Israel News

Bridges not Boycotts

Broader View

Campus Watch

Canary Mission

Catholics for Israel (Multilingual)
Christenen voor Israël (Dutch)
Christian Middle East Watch (Multilingual)
Christian Solidarity International

Christians for Israel International (Multilingual)

Christians for Zion

Christians United for Israel

Christians in Pakistan

Christians United for Israel - UK

Clarion Project

Coptic Solidarity

Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations
Council of Christians and Jews (UK)
Creative Community for Peace

De Olho na Midia (Brazilian Portuguese)

Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft (German)
Deutscher Koordinierungsrat (German)
Dexter van Zile (CAMERA)
Dexter van Zile (New English Review)
Dialogika Library

Divest This!

Dreuz Info (French)

Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity in Israel

Emmaus Group

European Coalition for Israel

Eyes on Israel

Facing Islam Blog

Factual Israel

Faithful Witness

FLAME: Facts anf Logic about the ME

Free Copts (English and Arabic)
Friends of Israel Initiative
Genootschap Nederland-Israël (Dutch)
Hanne Nabintu Herland (English and Norwegian)

Hight Level Military Group

Hilfe für verfolgte Christen (German)

Honestly Concerned (German)

Honest Reporting (Canada)

Honest Reporting (US, UK)

Human Rights Voices

Human Rights & Democracy for Iran (English and Persian)

In Defense of Christians

The Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel

The Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies

International Christian Concern

Iraqi Christian Relief Council  

Irish Christian Friends of Israel


Islamist Watch

Islamkritik rettet Menschenleben (German)

Israel 21c

Israel Academia Monitor

Israel Advocacy Movement

Israel Answers

The Israel Campaign
Israel-Werke Schweiz (German)

Jewish-Christian Dialogue Library
Jewish-Christian Relations (Multilingual)

Jewish Refugees from ME

Kerk en Israël (Dutch)

Knesset Christian Allies Caucus

The Lawfare Project

Malcolm Lowe (Gatestone)

Matthias Küntzel (German, English, French)

Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (Multilingual)

MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute)

Methodist Friends of Israel

Michael Curtis (American Thinker)

Michael Curtis (Gatestone)

Middle East Forum

Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin (German and English)

Missing Peace (Dutch and English)

Morning Star News

Myths and Facts (Eli E. Hertz)

NGO Monitor (English and Hebrew)

Northern Ireland Friends of Israel

Open Doors: International (Multilingual)

Open Doors: World Watch List
Palestinian Media Watch (English and Hebrew)
The Parkes Institute

Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism (UK)

Persecuted Christians (Continental News) International Christian Concern

Persecution Report

Persecution Update (Frontline Missions)

Perspektiv på Israel (Swedish and English)

Presbyterians for Middle East Peace

Proclaiming Justice to the Nations

Raymond Ibrahim

Religious Liberty Partnership

Reporte Honesto (Spanish)
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

Sharia Watch

Shurat HaDin (Israel Law Center)

Stand for Peace (UK)

Stand With Us

Stand With Us (UK)

Stichting Pardes (Dutch)

Students Supporting Israel

Thank You Am Israel!

The Tower

UK Media Watch

Umar Mulinde

United with Israel

UN Watch

Unity Coalition for Israel

Vlaamse Vrienden van Israël (Flemish)

Voice of the Copts

The Voice of the Martyrs

We Believe in Israel

Wild Olive

World Almanac of Islamism

World Watch Monitor

Zum Leben (German)

Some Items of Permanent Interest

The Logic of the West's New Anti-Semitism Crisis

An Inevitable Conflict: The Six-Day War

ICRC Official: Israel Is Not an Apartheid State

Exploited by the Enemy

Muhammad and Forced Conversions to Islam

How Islam Erases Christianity from History

Many Journalists Choose Sides - Often for the Worst Reasons

Palestinians: Western Media's Ignorance and Bias

Islamic Jihad: Symptom of a Western Cause

Combating Anti-Israel Boycotts: The Underused Strategies

The Controversy of "From Time Immemorial"

How the Media Make the Israel Story

The Effort to Divest Evangelical Christians from Israel (Conference Videos with English subtitles)

Palestinian Water

Who Are the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem?

World Council of Churches Stands by as Christians Perish, Churches Wither

Israeli Christians: Beaking Free? (Conference Videos with English subtitles)

Ali Salem on Muslim Hatred of Jews

Peace on Paper Is Not Peace on the Ground

Inside the UNRWA Classroom

"Palestine" as a Source of International Dysfunction

The Christian Aid Conference on Peace and Justice in the Holy Land

Thet've Got No Game

Arab Spring and the Israeli Enemy

Muslim, Zionist and Proud

Israel Is a Refuge, But a Refuge under Siege

Arab Like Me

The Mis-Education of a Young Evangelical (On the film "With God on Our Side")
The Myth of Palestinian Christianity

How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War

The Palestinian "Kairos" Document: A Behind-the-Scenes Analysis

A Shipwreck of Their Faith (On the decline of US "mainline" churches)